Growing a search firm is difficult in a good market. Add a slowing economy and interest rates rising, search firm owners now, more than ever, need to adopt new strategies for continual growth.

Most search firms grow until they hit an artificial ceiling. The factors that allow owners to overcome those self-imposed ceilings is to understand and implement The Seven Secrets to Search Firm Growth in Any Market”.  These concepts are what allow firms to choose the size and type of business they want thus going from $500K -1M, 1M – 3M, or 3M – $10M, while the average search firm struggles to achieve 500K in revenue in North America today.

In this video, you will walk away with:

    • An understanding of reasons why Search Firms struggle to or stop growing
    • The importance of the transition from working in the business to on our business
    • By using the Principle of Market Mastery – how to make more placements and add synergies to your recruiting efforts
    • How to better utilize your time and bring in more business by using the “SDR” Marketing Concept and why it’s the fastest growing trend in all of selling
    • Using the proven growth strategy of “Team Focused Search” Models
    • How using the concepts of outsourcing and leverage to increase your time working on the business versus in it
    • What Compensation plans will solidify your firm’s future instead of being an incubator for future competitors
    • And much more

Here’s to your success!

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