• Combination of cash for the owner, investment capital in the business and equity in the overall enterprise of Starfish Partners
  • Majority ownership of the organization by Starfish Partners up to 100%, and opportunities for future benefit based on growth
  • Outside tax and transaction experts deployed by both parties to ensure the appropriate valuation and business structure
  • Legal shareholder agreements are prepared to reflect every consideration in the transaction

Collective Advantage

  • Centralized back office and resources for all organizations
  • Increase in collective valuation based on mitigation of risk of any one entity
  • Cross-selling and increased delivery capability opportunities between firms
  • Value for the totality of the platform from economies of scale
  • Increased talent attraction, retention, and career path opportunities for all
  • Ability to maintain individual brand, culture and models but with the support and collaboration of the collective
  • Benefits all stakeholders: clients, candidates, associates, suppliers, and owners


  • Ensuring organizations are synergetic and not competitive
  • Balancing the desire for confidentiality and transparency
  • Successful cultural, operational, and technological integration
  • Alignment on strategy and vision
  • Maintaining the benefits for the individual recruiter and firm with the needs and benefits of the collective
  • Time investment in exploration as well as overall market timing
  • Fear of minority ownership control as no one individual owns a majority