Review Jeff Kaye’s Webinar: Securing Capital & Monetizing Value in Recruiting Firms.

Is this you?

  • I could use capital
  • I would like to create liquidity
  • I want to sell
  • I need an exit/succession plan

What you have likely heard: 

  • Too risky and unknown
  • Not enough collateral
  • Not stable
  • Too dependent on owner’s production

Merger and Acquisition firms, Private Equity firms and Strategic Partners have avoided our sector. There are logical reasons why, but there are also many possibilities for our businesses.

Some owners and firms need capital for growth. Some need an exit strategy. Others simple want to create liquidity in their firm value for themselves and others. Whether that time is now, next year or next decade there are opportunities but your firm also must be in or get themselves in a position to be attractive for such possibilities by others.

In this webinar, Jeff delves into the challenges, possibilities and options for you and your firm. There is no fluff, only very specific options to consider. For some, this may be opportunities with the Sanford Rose / Starfish Partners Family of Companies. For some, it may provide insight for structures with others. It will be educational for all!

“I wish someone would have shared with me a long time ago what it has taken me decades to figure out. My motive is simple. I hope to educate the next level community of recruiting firms, as well as find some opportunities for our own organization.” – Jeff Kaye

We understand the market. We understand the need for a variety of structures and approaches. We also know ones to avoid. Creating and monetizing value while retaining and rewarding your current and future team is something everyone should consider; this webinar will expand on the opportunities to do so.